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CorteX – JRi Xtreme-Grip™Coil-Over System, Single Adjustable

Vehicles: 2005-2014 Ford Mustang

CorteX Racing has developed Mustang-specific line of coil-overs based on years of street driving and track testing. This coil-over system apply race-winning technology to your vehicle by providing precision chassis control, ride height and geometry alignment. Installation is straightforward as coil-over hardware, springs, and all mounting brackets are included. With longevity and performance as priorities, all components use high-grade materials ideal for the application with durable finishes. Damper valving has been optimized and will take you to the next level of performance.

Greater Tire Clearance, Improved Durability

Bullet proof steel housing and mounting brackets off more tire clearance and reduced weight than bulkier aluminum components.  Since struts see significant bending loads (unlike shocks which are mostly limited to tension and compression loads) stiffness of the housing is essential in order to minimize camber loss and prevent bending and component damage in the event accidental abuse from contact or an off-track excursion.

As professional engineers, we understand that aluminum deflects 3 times more than steel however it is also 1/3 the weight.  What this means is that if you are designing a component for stiffness the aluminum needs to be 3 times thicker to have the equivalent stiffness of the steel parts.  With that knowledge it is easy to deduct that no weight will be saved by using aluminum in the design.  Steel also has superior fatigue properties than aluminum which means that it can be loaded closer to its limits over time (cycles) without fatigue failures.  Aluminum, in contrast, must be kept further below its load limits to avoid fatigue failure.  That is the exact reason that lightweight airplane components are replaced on a predetermined schedule since the engineers know how long the aluminum parts can safely be kept in service before a fatigue failure is likely to occur.

This system includes:


  • Struts Assembly with Single Adjustable JRi Internals (pair)
  • Camber Plate (pair)
  • Choice of Springs
  • All mounting hardware to complete the installation


  • JRi Single Adjustable dampers
  • Springs and appropriate valving
  • Coil over hardware
  • Mounting brackets and hardware

The JRI piston’s lower cross-section and reduced port length improves overall dynamic performance. These features coupled with JRI’s precise flow metering increase the hydraulic stiffness of the strut and improve its overall response. With its unique piston design, innovative components like the extension cage, and meticulous attention to sealing any unintended bleed paths, JRI struts have less hysteresis than competing manufacturer’s struts. The proprietary bearing carrier isolates side loads associated with misalignment that occur in normal strut operation. This is especially important with weight transfer. By design, more energy is dissipated through the fluid and NOT through the friction of the components. The JRI strut’s low friction seal design has less stick-slip than other leading strut manufacturers. The result is lower dynamic force and lower effective rate influencing your setup. This added adjustment feature allows the struts to not only adjust high speed extension, but also to adjust low speed compression or extension through the shaft.

Xtreme-Grip™ Coil-Over System, CorteX-JRI Single Adjustable, 2005-2014 Mustang

SKU: CCK-40-1000-JRI-SA
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