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Red Line oil outperforms the factory oil when it comes to strength under stress. The latest BMW oils are engineered for efficiency and include additives to enhance lubrication, reduce emissions, and improve fuel economy. But in the high performance turbo world we live in, these oils break down faster, leaving your engine unprotected. Red Line uses a higher quality base stock for its oil products that is superior at withstanding higher temperatures and stress than other oils. Redline oil has higher levels of ZDDP (zinc and phosphorous) and a higher HTHS rating so it does a better job of lubricating, protecting, and sealing in the hotter environments our turbo engines are capable of. This is especially important as engines accumulate mileage and wear as a thinner oil won't be able to provide extra levels of protection. Red Line Oil includes the appropriate levels of anti-wear additives and ash content to ensure compatibility with factory emissions equipment.

Red Line Oil has proven over many years of use in our own track vehicles, race cars, and street cars/trucks to provide unmatched long-life protection. The more we learn about this product versus other competitors, the more we like it - Red Line exceeds our demanding standards. With BMW shifting its focus to high efficiency oil formulas, the need for a high performance motor oil is greater than ever.

Redline 5w-30 (Euro Series)

SKU: 08352212104
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