Essential on Track

The CorteX Differential Breather Vent Catch Tank Kit 8.8 Rearend is an absolute must for competition mustangs.

It prevents your axle and differential from dumping gear oil all over the rear of your car and the track.


All CorteX Racing track-day and racecars receive a differential breather to keep the rear of the car clean from oil and to avoid potentially dangerous situations resulting from oil on the brakes and tires. Oil on tires and brakes can and probably will cause loss of control for either your own car or the cars behind you.  Don’t be “that guy!”




  • Overflow tank
  • Breather filter
  • AN fittings for both the tank and rearend housing
  • -6AN Hose

Differential Breather Vent Catch Tank Kit, Mustang 8.8 Rearend

SKU: RAB-40-1000